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 Patient Pending 29/448,101

Please fill out form if you have any interest in this concept as we need your feedback. All I have left to do is create the assembly instructions and I hope to have them completed soon.
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Do you like the Look and Design
 Yes  No  Maybe
What Interests you about this:
 Ceiling Recess Bezel  LED Lighting  None of these
Would you like different color options on the LED Lights:
 Yes  No  Maybe
If purchased would you prefer:
 Recess Bezel with LED Lights  Recess Bezel with No LED Lights
Trusty Fans come in 12V or 24V which would you prefer?
 12V  24V  Not sure
Do you plan or have interest in purchasing this product
 Yes  No  Maybe
Do you like the Acrylic Smoked Transparent Fan Blades that allows LED light to glow through (not going to be available currently)
 Yes  No
What other feedback do you have that might be of interest? Leave name and number if you want us to contact you.